Invitation: Special Water Supply Catchment forum - April 8th at 10.30am at the Youth Club Hall

Background: from President of the OBCLG, Denise Hooke:

At the last meeting of the Otway Barham Catchment Reference Group comprising of Barwon Water, Colac Otway Shire, SOLN and the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (I represented the Otway Barham Group while Bruce Costin represented SOLN) a letter was received from Don Forsyth which advised that he did not feel that he could proceed with the determination of the Special Water Supply Catchment as our Landcare Group had only given Conditional Support.

I advised that we could not lift the Conditional Support status until such time that the conditions had been dealt with and only then would it be the Landcare Group that would move a motion to say that there was now full support for the Special Water Supply Catchment Declaration.

You are invited to a forum to discuss conditional support for the Special Water Supply Catchment on April 8th  at 10.30am at the Youth Club Hall. The water agencies would like this set up as a large round table forum.

In attendance will be Landcare Group members, on-the-ground people from Colac Otway Shire, CCMA and Barwon Water including people at management level from each of the authorities.

 This meeting will have two purposes:

  1. To provide discussion on the Conditional Support for the Declaration
  2. To provide an opportunity for Simon to provide further update on the Water Quality Monitor project

Following this session landholders will have the opportunity to discuss their own personal circumstances with officers from the authorities.

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