Smarter Water Use in Our Cities and Towns

Rowan Mackenzie, Sustainability Coordinator, Barwon Water, (03) 5273 4416, 0439 577 394 has provided OBCLG with Chapter 5 from the Securing Our Water Future: White Paper.

Be warned that this is a fairly large file SecureWater_Chap5.pdf [PDF 1,476KB]

The full draft strategy is available from the website: or by calling 136 186.

Rowan has also offered to source hard copy for anyone interested.

He believes that Chapter 5, entitled “Smarter Water Use in Our Cities and Towns” is probably more relevant to the questions raised at our 6th May Forum because this is the government’s broad policy guide in terms of water conservation and recycling. In line with this, Barwon Water will be updating their specific Barwon Water, Water Supply and Demand Strategy in the next few months and the public will be given an opportunity to contribute to this.

Submissions are invited by 5:00pm Friday 23rd June 2006.
Send to Sustainable Water Strategies Branch, Water Sector Group, Department of Sustainablity and Environment, PO Box 500. East Melbourne 3002 or via email:

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