Minutes: Otway Barham Reference Group - 31st May 2006

Venue: Landcare Office, Nelson Street, Apollo Bay 3233
Date: 31st May 2006

Present: Gary Summers, Denise Hooke, Josh Feldman Greg John, Lucas Oram, Simon Pockley and Paul Boyd – Presenter and guest Tim Godfrey.

Apologies: Roger Hardley Bruce Costin, Rowan Mackenzie, John Turner, Gene Gardiner,

Next meeting: 19th July 10:30 Landcare Offices, Nelson Street, Apollo Bay 3233
The date for next draft of the OBCAP for public consultation and comment will be advised.


1. Barwon Water to produce a map which identifies all the locations and the testing parameters of water quality monitoring currently being undertaken in the Barham Catchment by various organisations.

2. Parks Victoria to provide further information on the biodiversity hots spots and how we can work together on weed management.

3. That the CCMA (John Turner) liaise with Barwon Water (Rowan Mackenzie) to develop funding guidelines/principles which support the OBCAP (to be tabled at the next meeting).

4. That the next draft of the OBCAP be a public consultation draft (with a release date to be set) with a two month period to provide feedback.

5. Redraft OBCAP with current feedback.

Marengo Marine Life Centre presentation:

Tim Godfrey gave a presentation on the current work undertaken by the Marengo Marine Life Centre and their aspirations in the area of water quality monitoring for key indicators of river health.

Discussion - key points:
· Water quality monitoring needs to be carried out to build data to better understand river health process and issues.
· Collecting data can identify more clearly processes impacting on river health.
· Further research needs to be conducted to clarify assets and asset threats – native fish surveys, macro invertebrate surveys, flow regimes, rain fall data, etc.
· Coordination of stakeholder water quality monitoring requirements may provide opportunities to streamline data collection.
· The estuary has cumulative effects of all the threatening process within the catchment and should be a focus.

Otway Barham Catchment Action Plan Feedback:

CCMA: No feedback tabled

1. Incorporate the River Indicator Project into the ‘Broad Outcomes’ of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. However, this requires some thought about exactly what will be measured.
2. Introduction: forming the possessive of communities. You should consider rewording this to either:

a. Community needs will determine the INRM actions…

or b. The needs of the various communities will determine the INRM actions…

or c. (my preference) The INRM actions, implemented in the Barham River Catchment, will be determined by community needs
3. Last paragraph consider restructure as follows: see map (no capitals), full stop, that (not which), colon for list. The catchment is located North of Apollo bay (see map). It covers an area of approximately 8000 hectares and contains some significant management challenges. There is a diverse stakeholder group that includes: Southern…
4. Page 11 typo in OBCLCG should be OBCLG.
5. References: You have quoted from the River Indicator project:
…the health of the Barham River and its catchment is central to the health of three communities of interest:
1. those who live and work in the town, Apollo Bay, and consume its water.
2. those that live, work, and visit the catchment area of the river.
3. the native flora and fauna and endangered species that depend on the health of the river and its catchment for their survival.

Therefore it should be acknowledged in the References: OBCLG: River Indicator Project 2006 [http://obclg.org/2006/03/21/river-indicator-project]

· The map needs to be amended – Wild dog track not Wild dog road.
· It needs further editing to remove a small number of typos.
· Well structured and happy with progress.

Barwon Water

· Page 3, last dot point: Add the word ‘pathogen’ so that the sentence reads ‘That through the development of a riparian vegetation buffer, pathogen, sediment and nutrient loads are…..’
· Page 4, Strategic Links table: Add Barwon Water Catchment Policy to the list of strategic documents, and separate the third document from the top (Barwon Water Barham River Risk & Land Capability Assessment) into two separate document entitled Barham Catchment Water Quality Risk Assessment and Barham Catchment Land Capability Assessment.
· Page 5, new dot point under Barham River East and West Branch: Water Extraction - Reduction in stream flow due to inappropriate extraction for town water supplies, dams and off stream watering point. (This wording is just an initial thought and could be improved).
· Page 7, Management Action Targets: The bottom two items might be Management Actions rather than Management Action Targets (especially as they would be hard to evaluate).
· Page 8: Second bottom box in the flow chart could read ‘Annual Report to SOLN and stakeholders’.
· Page 9: Could items 1 - 6 under ‘Data Collected’ be linked to Management Action Targets? (if more clarification is required, contact Rowan).


· ‘The Action Plan values and promotes:’ Possibly include – comment regarding ‘environmental best practice’, ‘progressive catchment management’ ‘Best practice natural resource management’ is however stated in the Mission Statement.
· Forestry may require a mention as part of the asset description. COS to provide details of the area taken up by logging coupes in the catchment. Yet to provide.
· It would be useful to have some link in the document between the asset threats and what reference it has come from.
· The project planning flowchart indicates reporting will occur through SOLN, CCMA and Barwon Water. Should this be to the reference group?

Parks Vic

· Well structured and compliments Parks directions and focus.

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