Septic systems: Colac Otway Shire - position statement

It is Council’s responsibility to enforce legislation in relation to septic systems.

Although Council approves the design and location of septic tanks installed within its municipal boundary, it is the owner’s responsibility under the EPA Septic Tank Code of Practice and the Health Act 1958 to maintain such systems and if necessary upgrade them if they cause a public health nuisance. (Regardless of if in water catchment or not.)

In the case of a septic system being installed in or being captured by a newly declared water catchment, the water authority concerned may impose additional requirements in the design of new or upgraded systems.

Neither the council or relevant water authority have any responsibiility for the costs or maintenance of new or old septic systems wherever they are located.

Should you require further advice to this, it is suggested that you contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer, Peter Matchan on ph 52329433.

Helen Evans
Planning Officer
Phone:  (03) 5232 9524
Fax:  (03) 5232 1046

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