Payment for ecosystems services

Over the last 5 years, most of us have been experiencing rate increases exceeding 200% following property revaluations. The problem was raised at our last AGM and it was suggested that we explore the notion of rate relief through some kind of 5 star property rating or stewardship administered by Landcare.

The Victorian Government is currently developing a new landscape-scale framework for regional catchment planning, and for managing land and biodiversity. The issues slated for attention are exciting - payment for ecosystems services, minimum standards for private land management, target setting and integrated service delivery at landscape scale, integration of public land management into planning, community capacity building, and governance arrangements themselves.

The Terms of Reference come out soon, with 6 weeks to respond. You are invited to a discussion with other Landcare Networks, focusing on what matters Landcare Networks think should be worked on over 18 months of policy development, with Government committments expected end of 2008.

Details are: 9.30 morning tea, for 10:00 start, to 1:00, Wednesday 11th April, Melbourne Zoo (Bong Su Room), Elliot Avenue, Parkville 3052 (Melways Ref: 43 E1).

This is a major opportunity for Landcare to define its role and for Landholders to shape policy decisions.

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