AGM Minutes 15th December

A picnic AGM was held on the 15th September at 6.04pm following East Barham River walk


Present: Denise and Michael Hooke, Allan and Lesley Huggins, Jonathan Smith, Simon and Susan Pockley, Sam Falzon, David Churchill, Anna O’Brien, Greg Peters,

Apologies: Glenda Falzon, Sylvia Churchill, Phil and Elizabeth Smith, John Coles, Rowan McKenzie.

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Chair of SOLN (Simon Pockley) spoke briefly about the context in which the OBCLG operated and thanked Anna O’Brien for her work and enthusiasm.

President’s Report: Denise Hooke outlined the importance of the 5-year plan and the Directions Document. Denise asked members to think about a Barham River Festival.
Allan Huggins raised the importance of having a weed control plan ready so that when funding was available we could act.

Treasurer’s report: Accepted - moved David Churchill seconded Susan Pockley.
Account balances:

  2007 2006
Cash Management Account: $1,929.55 $1,851.74
Cheque Account: $3,647.39 $1,068.27
Total funds: $5,576.94 $2,920.01


03/07/07 Membership (insurance) VFF $347.03

16/12/06 2006 AGM food $ 86.06


President (SOLN Delegate): Denise Hooke - moved Leslie Huggins, seconded Susan Pockley

Vice-President (SOLN Delegate): David Churchill - moved Leslie Huggins, seconded Susan Pockley

Secretary/Treasurer (SOLN Delegate): Simon Pockley - moved Allan Huggins, seconded David Churchill.

Meeting closed at 6:48 pm

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