Barham River Festival: 28th Feb 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Barham River Festival - will incorporate: displays, interactive activities, speakers program, stalls, food, music, family showbags.

Venue: The Festival will be held at Great Ocean Road Wines on the Barham River Road 3 kms from the Shire Offices.

The Otway  Barham catchment Landcare Group will have a brief AGM at 5.30 incorporating a discussion with Luke Hynes (SOLN Pest Plant and Animal Co-ordinator) on the landholders contribution to the Pest Plant and Animal Strategic Plan for the Otway Barham area.

A social evening will be held for the organisations who are the partners of the Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group- representatives and organisation guests along with members of the Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group. A meal and some drinks will be provided.

Sunday 1st March- interested people will have the opportunity to visit three properties. Rod Buncle- lifestyle property on the east Barham, Alan Huggins on the West Barham- property specifically addressing water catchment issues and the third will be a neighbourhood project which will begin on the property of Coles and Hooke Farm Partnership and will lead into a larger community project on Beauty Creek through a number of landholder properties. These will be advertised with a leader available for each site.

Progam: full program coming soon


  1. Showcase the achievements within the Otway Barham Catchment that have contributed to the good health of the Barham River and celebrate success.
  2. Create an awareness within the community of Apollo Bay about the need to maintain a healthy river so as to provide a quality water supply for our town.
  3. Provide opportunities for the community to experience the Catchment environment.
  4. Promote the conservation of our natural resources both in the home and on the land including water and energy.
  5. Promote the power of community and what can be achieved when we work together.

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