Minutes: AGM 8th February 2009

Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group

AGM Minutes


Date: 28/02/09  5.00pm – 5:40pm

Venue: Great Ocean Wines Apollo Bay


Present: Simon Pockley, Denise Hooke, Glennis and Sam Falzon, David and Sylvia Churchill, Carol Wilmink, Jocelyn Dexter, Valerie Stahl, Tony Webber, Tony Overman, Calre Coleman, Lilly Marc.


Apologies:  Allen and Leslie Huggins, Frank and Beb Buchanan




President: Denise Hooke was elected President

Moved David Churchill

Seconded Simon Pockley. Carried


Secretary/ Treasurer:


Treasurer:  Jocelyn Dexter

Secretary:  Simon Pockley

Moved Tony Webber

Seconded: Sylvia Churchill. Carried


Treasurer’s Report:

The former Treasurer, Simon Pockley, reported that there had been little movement of fund in the two accounts. The Cash Management Account showed a balance of $2,099.23 and the Cheque ccount, $3,708.10 with $25 still to be paid in. This meant that the total funds available were, $5,822.33.


Transfer of Bank Account:

The former Treasurer, Simon Pockley, moved that the Group’s bank Accounts be moved to the Community Bank.

Seconded: David Churchill. Carried


Transfer of funds:

Denise Hooke moved that $1,000.00 be moved to the Barwon Water account held by SOLN to replenish some of the approx. $7,000.00 spent on the Barham River Festival. This would leave room for another Barham Catchment event.

Seconded, Carol Wilmink. Carried


Tony Webber asked if there would be a breakdown of the Festival expenditure

Valerie Stahl asked if the Barwon Water Account could be re-named the Barham Catchment Account.


President’s Report: Denise Hooke delivered her Presidents Report


Those present at the AGM expressed their appreciation for all that Denise had done in organizing such a successful Barham River Festival and for steering the activities of the Group over the past year.


Meeting  closed at 5:40pm


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The Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group is a community group in Australia’s southern Victorian region. It has, as its primary focus, the health of the Barham River form source to sea.

2011-2012 office bearers

President: Simon Pockley
Vice-President: Tony Webber
Secretary/Treasurer: Jocelyn Dexter
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Voice: 61 3 9489 7905 Mobile: 0418 575 525
Post: 60 Bridge St. Northcote, Victoria. Australia 3070

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